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10th Circuit Juvenile & Family Court

The Juvenile and Family Division of the Circuit Court, located at 3360 Hospital Rd. in Saginaw, has exclusive jurisdiction over matters such as adoptions, juvenile delinquency proceedings, protective proceedings involving child abuse and neglect, juvenile traffic offenses, emancipation of minors, juvenile guardianships, and other legal matters of children under the age of 17. The court is required to make findings of guilt or innocence in delinquency cases, decide disposition, and assume temporary and permanent wardship in delinquency and neglect/abuse cases.

Effective October 2021, the jurisdictional age will be raised to children under the age of 18.

In Saginaw County, the Juvenile and Family Division also exercises administrative control of the Saginaw County Youth Detention Center.

At a Glance

Presiding Judge
Honorable Barbara L. Meter
Judge of the Juvenile & Family Division

3360 Hospital Road
Saginaw, MI 48603
Phone: (989) 799-2821
Fax: (989) 799-2171